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Webinar: Hiring in the US and UK: The Same Thing, Only Different

Jonathan A. Segal Jon Heuvel

While US and UK employment law have some similarities with their guiding principles, there are numerous differences in terms of how the actual laws are applied. These differences can create particular challenges for companies that have employees in both countries.

During this 60-minute webinar, a pair of leading employment attorneys from both sides of the Atlantic will examine the key hiring issues that can bedevil employers in the US and the UK. Join Jonathan Segal of Duane Morris in Philadelphia and Jon Heuvel of Shakespeare Martineau in London, as they explore both the similarities and differences in terms of hiring with regard to:

  • What are some of the common mistakes with job advertisements/postings?
  • What are the retention requirements for documents relating to recruiting and hiring?
  • Whom can you subject to pre-employment physicals and when?
  • Can you give gender or race a "plus" to increase diversity?
  • What should be in the offer letter?

Segal and Heuvel also will discuss when an employment contract is needed in each country; whether an employer can mandate the private arbitration of employment disputes; and if it is ever appropriate to refuse to hire a job applicant because they sued their prior employer. In addition, they will touch on the hot dress code issues that may inform hiring decisions.