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Webinar: How a Trump Presidency Will Affect the Employment Law Landscape

Anthony J. Oncidi Andrew H. Friedman David B. Weisenfeld

The 2016 election might be over, but the ramifications for employers are only just beginning.

Our blue-ribbon panel of management-side employment attorney Anthony Oncidi (pictured top), employee-side attorney Andrew Friedman (pictured middle) and XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld (pictured bottom) discusses why Donald Trump's surprise victory could have dramatic implications not just on hot-button issues like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and immigration, for the Department of Labor (DOL), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other government agencies.

How far will the changes go and how can employers prepare for the uncertainty that lies ahead?

In this engaging 60-minute webinar, we will explore all of the key issues on your mind, including:

  • Will the ACA really be repealed, or is a rebooting more likely?
  • What can employers expect from the EEOC and DOL?
  • Is overtime pay reform going to be off the table at the federal level?
  • Paid parental leave was a campaign talking point, but how realistic is it?
  • And how will the election affect the Supreme Court?

XpertHR also has a host of resources available to help employers navigate the uncertain terrain, but this webinar promises to provide a thorough overview of the many changes in employment law that could be on the horizon.