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Webinar: How Paid Sick Leave Is Affecting Employers

Mark T. Phillis Pam Salgado

It seems like paid sick leave obligations are changing by the month, the week or even the day. Just when you come up with a proposal and an agreed-upon solution that works for one location, a neighboring city passes a law.

Is there a compliance solution that works across the board? This webinar provides an overview of the latest city, county and state paid sick leave laws, along with the paid sick leave Executive Order for federal contractors.

Speakers Mark Phillis and Pam Salgado of leading global employment law firm Littler Mendelson discuss some of the principal "pain points" for employers trying to comply with similar, but not identical, requirements imposed by these laws. Phillis and Salgado discuss various compliance options, including the pros and cons of both having different paid time-off benefits and universal vs. locality-by-locality compliance solutions. Finally, they provide an update on paid sick leave laws on the horizon plus an overview of some of the key issues employers will continue to face as these laws proliferate.

HR and compliance professionals will learn:

  • The relationship between city, county, state and federal paid sick leave laws, including how they are alike and how they are dissimilar;
  • Options for paid sick leave compliance; and
  • Pain points in attempting to design and administer a paid sick leave benefit that complies with various laws.