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Webinar: How the Paid Sick and Safe Time Trend Is Affecting HR

Adam J. Fiss Jill Lowell

For years, paid sick and safe time was a local outlier, but now it is a national concern. Paid sick and safe leave laws impact employers of all sizes and affect businesses with single-state, multi-state or nationwide operations.

Managing employee absences and leave entitlements is a central obligation - and challenge - for employers especially given the interplay among other leave of absence laws.

Skyrocketing administrative enforcement for paid sick leave and safe time has raised the stakes of decisions made in these areas as even technical violations can be costly and damaging.

Join Adam Fiss and Jill Lowell, shareholders at Littler Mendelson, to learn high risk areas you should focus on. In this wide-ranging webinar, they also discuss various approaches to paid sick and safe leave compliance as well as the challenges associated with each approach.

In this program, you learn about:

  • Paid Sick & Safe Time Laws generally;
  • Their Interplay with Other Leave of Absence Laws;
  • High Risk Areas to Watch; and
  • Options for Multistate Paid Sick and Safe Leave Compliance.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of paid sick and safe time laws generally;
  • Learn how these laws interact with other leave of absence laws; and
  • Know the high risk compliance areas to watch.

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