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Webinar: How to Retain Your A-List Talent

David Lee

Many employers spend a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money trying to recruit talent, only to lose their best players because they deliver a dissatisfying employee experience.

In this engaging webinar, featuring internationally recognized employee engagement and onboarding authority David Lee, you learn about what A-List Talent looks for in a work experience. Plus, Lee shares practical strategies for co-creating, with your employees, such a work experience.

You also take away a step-by-step process to enable your organization to become a Talent Magnet: the kind of employer that draws the best people to you and holds onto them.

Topics included:

  • Key elements of a "magnetic work experience" for all employees;
  • What you MUST include in your work experience if you want to attract the best of the best;
  • Common mistakes employers and managers make that repel talent;
  • What you MUST do when onboarding new employees if you don't want to lose them before they ever start delivering results; and
  • How to find out what you need to do to create a magnetic work experience for each employee BEFORE they leave, rather than find out why they are leaving.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to describe at least six key elements that lead to high retention;
  • Gain insight into what is MOST important to A-List Talent;
  • Know how to conduct effective Stay Interviews; and
  • Understand critical next steps for creating a Talent Magnet work experience to senior management.

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