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Webinar: I Just Fired an Employee - Now What?

Despite the challenging and emotional nature of employee termination, the difficulty does not always subside when the employee leaves the building.

Instead, the departure often reveals new and distinct problems for HR professionals and employers ranging from breach of contract, to violence, to defamation. Regulations at the federal and state level, including guidance from regulatory agencies like the NLRB and the EEOC, make the post-termination period fraught with danger, obstacles and legal landmines.

This webinar guides you through the proper issue-spotting techniques and protocols necessary to reduce the risk of post-termination liabilities, understand the state and federal law, and prepare a post-termination action plan, including:

  • Review of post-termination contractual obligations like confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-compete agreements.
  • Protecting the physical office space and employees by ensuring that outgoing employees no longer have access to the workspace.
  • Retrieving company property on a timely basis.
  • Corresponding with outgoing employees to ensure proper transfer of personal articles or belongings left behind, continuation of healthcare benefits and payment of final wages.
  • Proper guidelines for responding to requests for job references.