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Webinar: Marijuana Challenges at Work - What Employers Need to Know

Peter Gillespie

As states continue to loosen restrictions on marijuana use, employers find themselves in relatively uncharted territory when it comes to enforcing workplace drug policies. Some employers have begun to question whether it's worth the effort, and have gone so far as to abandon pre-employment or random testing for marijuana use.

To help you better understand the concerns and be fully prepared, employment attorney Peter Gillespie of Laner Muchin provides insights and best practices in this free 60-minute webinar.

Even employers in states where marijuana remains illegal should understand the current laws across the country, as well as the distinction between permitting its use for medical reasons and recreational purposes. As states have moved towards legalization, employers throughout the US have grappled with complying with federal drug requirements applicable to the workplace, and whether there are effective ways to prevent workplace impairment.

This fast-moving webinar also covers the types of claims employees are bringing in response to being disciplined for possible marijuana impairment in the workplace or "off duty" use, and whether employers must accommodate employees who claim to be using the drug for medical reasons.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the scope of "zero tolerance" policies, "reasonable accommodation" arguments, and the employer's right to prevent impairment in the workplace;
  • Gain awareness of the practical effectiveness of workplace drug testing polices; and
  • Learn about best practices involving pre-employment drug testing and other steps employers can take in response to legalized marijuana use.

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