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Webinar: Predictable and Flexible Scheduling Laws - State and Local Compliance Challenges

Bruce Sarchet

In an effort to make workplaces more "family friendly," an increasing number of state and local governments are evaluating and adopting new laws dealing with a basic part of daily work - the work schedule.

  • Predictable scheduling laws require employers to provide advance notice to employees of work schedules, and pay penalties for making changes to posted work schedules.
  • Flexible scheduling laws create a legally protected right for employees to seek accommodations and changes in their schedules.

Littler Mendelson employment attorney Bruce Sarchet, who is also a member of Littler's Workplace Policy Initiative, discusses current predictable scheduling and flexible scheduling laws across the country.

Mr. Sarchet provides background and context to the development and explosive growth of scheduling laws. This 60-minute webinar includes a review of the specifics of various laws and ordinances, as well as a discussion of pending legislation in this area.

In addition, practical suggestions are identified to assist employers in meeting the compliance challenges of these new laws.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a general understanding of predictable scheduling and flexible scheduling laws;
  • Know the high risk compliance areas to watch; and
  • Identify practical suggestions for addressing compliance challenges.

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