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Webinar: Retaining Top Talent in Another COVID Year

Phillip B. Wilson

Even during a pandemic, employee retention remains a high priority for companies and competition for top talent remains fierce. In a recent study, 87% of HR experts said retention would be a top priority over the next 5 years.

In this webinar, you will learn a key leadership behavior proven to increase employee retention by 71%, while at the same time improving key business outcomes like more cooperation and increased above-and-beyond effort from employees.

Phillip B. Wilson, founder of Approachable Leadership and nationally recognized labor and employment expert, helps participants understand the signs top talent is going to quit (including "pre-quit" behaviors that show up months before someone leaves). You also walk out with:

  • A practical tool you can use to identify power distance gaps, along with tips on how to shrink those gaps with your team;
  • A simple "hack" you can use to immediately become a better listener and build strong relationships with your team; and
  • Three simple questions you can begin asking the moment that will dramatically improve your conversations with teammates.

This engaging webinar focuses on both evidence-based principles and practical takeaways. You leave with several practical tools you can apply in your own personal leadership the minute the webinar is over.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the "pre-quit" signs that someone is at risk of quitting;
  2. Discover the impact of power-distance relationships in the workplace;
  3. Understand why approachability is the key leadership behavior that influences engagement and retention; and
  4. Review practical tools to begin implementing approachability in leadership today.

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