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Webinar: Terminations in the US and the UK - The Same Thing, Only Different

There are a lot of similarities between US and UK employment law. But while the guiding principles which are followed may be the same or at least very similar, there are significant differences in terms of the actual laws which are applied.

These differences can create particular challenges for companies that have employees in both countries, especially where termination issues are concerned.

Some of the differences this webinar will discuss include whether and when an employment agreement is needed and/or desirable; whether and when cause to terminate is needed; whether and when notice to terminate is required; and the nature and existence of protected groups in the two jurisdictions. And that's not all. Other key topics featured are:

  • The legal status of bullying in the US v the UK;
  • Differences in the litigation systems and how these differences inform business decisions;
  • How to obtain an enforceable release in UK v US; and
  • Non-competes and other forms of business protection.

This program offers an engaging dialogue between two lawyers who became friends, exploring what they have in common and where they differ in terms of their employment laws on opposite sides of the pond.