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Webinar: The Gig Economy and Misclassification - What Employers Must Know

Miranda Watkins

Fisher Phillips employment attorney Miranda Watkins shares an in-depth look at what every employer needs to know about the gig economy and misclassification.

Most notably, last year's California Supreme Court Dynamex decision left employers "dazed and confused" about whether independent contractors still exist. Gig economy companies are similarly reeling from the Dynamex decision and left to wonder if their current business models will withstand legal scrutiny.

Watkins discusses what employers need to know about Dynamex, significant post-Dynamex developments, including legislative efforts on all sides of this issue, and where those leave employers. But that's not all. Other key developments she will discuss include:

  1. What is the gig economy and why should we care?
  2. The explosion of freelance/contractor work;
  3. Legal tests and solutions regarding misclassification; and
  4. Why joint employment is in a state of flux.

It promises to be a webinar you cannot afford to miss. Watkins is an experienced speaker and teaches employment law for San Diego State University's College of Extended Studies. She is also a member of Fisher Phillips's Gig Economy Practice Group. In that role, Watkins has lectured numerous times on gig economy issues and written several gig economy-focused blog posts for Fisher Phillips.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what the gig economy is and why we should care;
  • Hear why freelance/contractor work is booming;
  • Offer solutions to avoid misclassification mistakes; and
  • Learn why joint employment is in a state of flux.

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