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Webinar: US v England - Key Employment Law Differences

Nicole Truso Emma Vennesson

This webinar enables organizations with staff in both the US and England to better understand the key elements of employment law in those countries, manage their workforce more effectively, identify potential high risk issues and assess exposure to claims at an early stage.

With more and more US businesses operating in, or looking to expand into England, an understanding of the basic employment concepts in both the US and England is becoming critical. It is often surprising to US employers that issues which can be dealt with relatively easily and quickly in the US can be much more complex and time consuming in England. Understandably, this can sometimes cause a great deal of frustration.

In this webinar, Nicole Truso and Emma Venneson, labor and employment law attorneys with Faegre Baker and Daniels based in the US and England respectively, will provide you with a general overview of the key areas of employment law in both countries. In particular, they will discuss:

  • Hiring (including background checks)
  • Terminations
  • Changing terms and conditions of employment
  • Mandatory employment rights (including in relation to holiday, notice and sick pay)
  • The most common types of employment claims in both countries