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Webinar: Wearable Technology in the Workplace - Managing Your Legal and Business Risks

Tracy L. Moon

Wearable technology is a new frontier that employers should prepare to address. Business use of wearable technology is in its early stages but increasing.

Likewise, the use of wearable technology by the general public is in its early stages, however, more and more consumer wearable technology devices such as fitness tracking bands, smart watches, smart eyewear and health wear are being sold and more devices will soon be available for purchase. As a consequence, employers can expect a greater number of employees to wear wearable devices at work for personal, non-work-related reasons possibly affecting the safe performance of their jobs.

In this webinar, Tracy L. Moon, Jr., partner at the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips helps employers begin to evaluate the pros and cons of using wearable technology for business purposes and the use of wearable devices by employees for personal reasons in the workplace.

Although, we are in the early stages of wearable technology development and use, the potential for improving profitability and productivity will likely ensure the expansion of its use by businesses. The current use of wearable technology has already shown that it can provide information and data in real-time ensuring jobs are performed at optimum levels with minimal errors in compliance with company policies and the law.

On the other hand, inappropriate and unlawful uses of wearable technology could confront unprepared employers resulting in disgruntled employees, injuries and deaths, charges of discrimination, and lawsuits.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • About the business considerations associated with the use of wearable devices in the workplace;
  • About the legal risks relating to the use of wearable devices in the workplace; and
  • About possible solutions for avoiding business and legal risks resulting from the use of wearable devices in the workplace.