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Webinar: What the Supreme Court's 2017-2018 Term Means for Employers

Anthony J. Oncidi David B. Weisenfeld

As is often the case, the Supreme Court decides a few cases each year that will help shape employment law across the nation. XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld and Proskauer Rose employment attorney Anthony Oncidi, who heads the labor and employment law department at the firm's Los Angeles office, examines the rulings that truly mattered for employers.

Oncidi discusses all of the implications from the term for employers while Weisenfeld provides unique inside-the-courtroom perspective from his experience reporting on these cases and many others at the nation's highest court.

This fast-paced 60-minute webinar features a look at key rulings affecting:

  • Employee class actions in arbitration;
  • Protections for corporate whistleblowers;
  • FLSA overtime pay exemptions; and
  • The future of organized labor.

The speakers also discusses Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and what it could mean for future employment law cases as a practical matter both in the short run and long-term. Notable unresolved issues affecting employers is a topic of conversation as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Why key Supreme Court employment law rulings matter for their organization;
  • How employers gained strength during this term;
  • What the state of the law is for mandatory arbitration agreements; and
  • Why corporate whistleblowers lost rights.

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