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Webinar: Winning With Analytics in Talent Acquisition

Kevin Wheeler David Bernstein

Industry veterans David Bernstein and Kevin Wheeler share their expertise on what Talent Acquisition Analytics really means in today's hyper-competitive recruiting environment.

In today's knowledge-driven economy, it is well understood that talent is the last great differentiator for a business. The Boston Consulting Group found that of all the HR functions, talent acquisition has the highest impact on the success of a business.

Having the right people in the right places at the right time enables companies to take advantage of market opportunities, meet business goals and spur innovation. In short, the better the Talent Acquisition team executes on their role is, the greater the competitive advantage a company is likely to have.

Since Talent Acquisition teams have a tremendous impact on determining the success or failure of an organization, the onus is upon Talent Acquisition to be as strategic and competitive as possible in acquiring talent. Winning with Analytics is therefore all about learning how to play the Talent Acquisition game by leveraging all the insights that can be derived from advanced analytics.

David Bernstein and Kevin Wheeler demystify how today's leading-edge Talent Acquisition teams are taking advantage of these insights to give them an "unfair advantage" in their efforts to source, attract, recruit, select and hire the talent needed to grow the businesses they support. Bernstein and Wheeler also will discuss a host of real-world examples of how to best use analytics.