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Webinar: Workplace Investigations in Canada - Tips & Best Practices

Nicole Byres, Miller Thomson Lisa Goodfellow, Miller Thomson

Now more than ever, it is vital that employers in Canada understand how to conduct effective and legally compliant workplace investigations.

Canadian courts are increasingly awarding wrongfully terminated employees aggravated and punitive damages if the decision to terminate was based on flawed or biased investigations. Recently enacted Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as human rights tribunals, require employers to have robust investigation procedures in place to provide workplaces free from bullying, harassment and violence.

Furthermore, increasing numbers of employees are claiming damages and remedies under Canadian privacy laws based on claims that facts surrounding employee terminations were improperly disclosed by employers.

Legally compliant and effective workplace investigations do not happen by accident - they require advance planning and sound processes both during and after the investigations have been completed.

Watch Canadian based labor and employment partners at Miller Thomson, Nicole Byres (pictured top right) and Lisa Goodfellow (pictured bottom right), to learn:

  • Tips and best practices for preparing, conducting, concluding the investigation (what to do with the results)
  • The tools and best practices that will minimize negative impacts on HR and the business
  • The legal liability typically associated with workplace conflicts, complaints, or incidents being poorly investigated
  • Related HR, privacy, legal, and business/client relations issues that often arise during and after workplace investigations; and
  • A "road map" or check list to ensure that your workplace investigations achieve the results desired, while reducing chances of future claims and litigation