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Webinar: Your Workplace and Technology - SWOT Style

Louis R. Lessig

As organizations consider their needs and goals in the next one to five years, technology is unquestionably going to be an integral part of any successful operation. To that end, HR needs to consider the breadth of their options to support the organizational strategy. What we know already is how technology has impacted our workplace and how it is reshaping the challenges that exist ahead.

In this engaging webinar, longtime employment attorney Louis Lessig, of Brown & Connery LLP, has participants considering what current strengths exist in their workplace, including:

  • How infrastructure supports the desired results;
  • Candidly evaluating weaknesses in present operations and how they impact all aspects of the operation; and
  • Exploring the multitude of opportunities that new technologies present for the organization and its growth.

Lessig also discusses the various threats that exist to reaching and exceeding the needs and goals within the workplace. Through examples, eye-opening statistics and case law, this program will open participants' minds to the many possibilities and challenges.

In addition, participants gain ideas to add to their own technological blueprint moving forward including where the pitfalls may exist and how to combat them--all with an eye towards the future of their organization.