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Luxembourg: Contracts of employment

Original and updating authors: Philippe Schmit, Louis Berns and Anne-Sophie Ott
Consultant editor: Patricia Hemmen


  • Employment contracts must, in principle, be in writing, although in the absence of a written contract, an employee may prove the existence and content of an employment contract. (See General)
  • Special rules apply to termination of employment during a probationary period - the duration and existence of such a period must be stated in the employment contract, and the length of probationary periods is subject to statutory limits. (See Probationary periods)
  • Special rules apply to fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts and several other types of contract. (See Types of contract)
  • Written employment contracts must contain provisions on a range of specified matters. (See Written contract of employment)
  • Various rules govern the unilateral amendment of terms and conditions of employment by the employer. (See Variation of contract)