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Switzerland: Recruitment and selection

Updating author: Thomas Kälin, MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep Ltd (MLL)

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  • Employers are prohibited from discriminating in recruitment on the grounds of an applicant's sex, marital status (including civil partnership status), family situation or pregnancy. (See Discrimination)
  • The general statutory prohibition of discrimination in recruitment applies to job advertisements. (See Advertising vacancies)
  • In the selection process, the employer must not ask questions of candidates that are discriminatory. (See Selection)
  • When an employer offers a candidate a position, negotiations over the employment contract are deemed to commence. (See Job offers)
  • The employment of children under the age of 15 is normally prohibited. (See Young people and children)
  • Nationals of the other European Free Trade Association countries and the EU member states require a residence permit (which also serves as a work permit) to work in Switzerland for more than three months in a calendar year. (See Foreign nationals)