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Employer's Written Communications Authorizing Extended Leave May Have Created a Contractual Promise for Reinstatement Following Year-Long Leave

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    Lapidoth v. Telcordia Technologies, Inc., 420 N.J. Super. 411 (App. Div. 2011) (0 other reports)

Author: Laura Starczewski

In Lapidoth v. Telcordia Technologies, Inc., +420 N.J. Super. 411, the court addressed whether an employer's written authorization for an extended period of maternity leave could be construed as a promise of reinstatement, even though the employer had a clear at-will policy. The court also addressed whether the employer wrongfully terminated the employee for taking leave in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA).