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Leadership Development

Author: Angela Mulvie

Consultant author: Nigel Paine


  • Leadership development is probably the largest and most significant investment in learning and development that organizations will make. Building a suitable pool of competent, knowledgeable and skilled senior personnel who are able to act consistently and demonstrate behaviors that mirror the organizational values is a core element for business growth and commercial success. See What is Leadership Development? and Why Organizations Invest in Developing Leadership Skills.
  • Before embarking on a leadership development program the organization should consider what the desired outcomes of the program are, and what problem the organization is trying to solve See A Strategy for Leadership Development.
  • Several factors need to be considered before the design and delivery stage of a leadership development program, including what skills need to be developed, what support will be given to the leadership program participants, and the nature of the investment. See Planning a Leadership Development Program.
  • There are many ways of selecting participants for leadership development programs. Some organizations use tools such as performance reviews and 360-degree appraisal, while others draw on recommendations by line managers. See Selecting Participants and Assessing Development Needs.
  • Leadership programs should draw on a wide range of activities to engage learners, including on and off job development, structured content, self-study, face-to-face and online resources, work-based projects, secondments, coaching and mentoring. See Study and Delivery Modes.
  • The organization will need to make a decision on whether or not its leadership development program will lead to qualifications. See Accrediting Programs.
  • The organization will need a model for measuring the impact of the leadership development program. See Evaluating the Outcomes of Leadership Development Programs.