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Transgender Employees and Applicants in the Workplace

Updating Authors: Julie DiMauro; XpertHR Editorial Team

Original Author: Shelagh Prosser


  • Employers should use appropriate terminology when referring to transgender individuals and related issues. See Terminology.
  • Transgender individuals are protected from discrimination and harassment in the workplace under federal, state and local laws. See Legal Protections for Transgender Individuals.
  • It is critical for employers to create an inclusive working environment for transgender individuals. See Creating an Inclusive Workplace.
  • Support for transgender individuals in the workplace starts from the top down. See Senior-Level Commitment.
  • Policies that are inclusive of transgender issues will help demonstrate the employer's support of transgender individuals. See Policies.
  • All supervisors, managers and employees should be trained with respect to transgender status, gender identity and gender expression. See Training.
  • It is critical for employers to have measures in place for properly responding to complaints of discrimination and harassment based on transgender status. See Handling Transgender Discrimination Complaints.
  • Employers should respect the privacy of transgender employees. See Confidentiality.
  • Develop guidance that covers the key actions to be addressed when an employee is transitioning. See Supporting an Employee Who Is Transitioning.
  • Do not discriminate against transgender individuals in the recruitment and hiring process. See Recruitment and Hiring.
  • Protect employees from bullying and harassment based on transgender status by co-workers and third parties. See Bullying and Harassment.