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Understanding Workplace Mental Health Issues

Author: Sarah Silcox

Contributing authors: Dr. Barbara Mariposa and Emma Mamo


No workplace is immune to mental health issues. On any given day, one employee or another may be dealing with stress, a more serious mental health condition or a personal tragedy, and these mental health situations can have an impact on the workplace.

The costs of poor employee mental health to an organization extend beyond the direct costs related to health care, increased absences and lower productivity. Poor management of mental health issues can also result in less tangible costs, including lower employee morale and engagement, increased employee errors and the erosion of employees' trust.

On the other hand, promoting good mental health and supporting employees who have a mental health condition can boost employee commitment to and engagement with the organization as well as enhance employee retention, productivity and performance.

This guide discusses the issues that employers need to understand to foster a mentally healthy workplace, including the business case for managing mental health at work, understanding mental health problems and raising awareness about mental health.