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Succession Planning Assessment and Readiness Survey Form

Author: Warren N. Rothman, Blue Prairie Group, LLC

When to Use

A succession planning assessment and readiness survey may be used by an employer considering initiating a structured succession planning process. Gathering information from key stakeholders and parties involved in the process has several potential benefits for the employer. For example, it:

  • Provides valuable input as to whether to implement a succession plan (the "go-no go" decision);
  • Provides both strategic and tactical information that can shape the content and approach of the plan;
  • Gets key stakeholders (such as Board of Directors, C-level executives, functional department heads and line managers) engaged with and committed to the process; and
  • Sets the stage for tracking changes in stakeholder perceptions over time.

The Board of Directors may drive the decision to conduct the readiness survey, although it is more likely to be initiated by the employer's senior management (CEO and other C-level executives), with HR playing a key role in deciding whether to conduct the survey. HR should be responsible for:

  • Survey design;
  • Administration;
  • Data analysis; and
  • Reporting.

Reporting should first be to senior management, following which the Board of Directors should be apprised of the results along with management's recommendation about whether or not to move forward with succession planning. Afterward, other stakeholders who completed the survey should receive a summary of the results and be informed of the "go-no go" decision. If the decision is to move forward, they also should be informed of the timing and scope of the succession planning process.

This customizable letter and survey should be sent from the CEO or other organizational leader charged with heading the initiative to study the readiness of the organization to initiate a succession planning process.

Customizable Form