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  • Maryland Toughens Mini-WARN Act for Employers

    May 27, 2020

    Effective October 1, Maryland employers will face new requirements under the state's amended mini-WARN Act without any exception for a health pandemic.

  • Ban the Box Trend Continues in Maryland, St. Louis

    February 4, 2020

    Maryland has become the 14th state with a ban the box law affecting private employers after its legislature overrode Gov. Larry Hogan's veto. The City of St. Louis also will soon have a ban the box ordinance.

  • Tip Credit Changes May Jar Employers

    January 27, 2020

    New legislation, proposed regulations and other directives regarding the minimum wage tip credit could necessitate changes in policies and practices for employers of tipped employees in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

  • New Year, New Minimum Wage Rates in 21 States and Many Localities

    January 6, 2020

    With the federal minimum wage remaining unchanged for more than 10 years now, states and localities are filling in the gap with new minimum wage laws or increases to existing minimum wages.

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