2015 Employee Handbook Playbook

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Here are your play-by-play resources for you to save and use.


Learn the Dos and Don'ts of Creating an Employee Handbook

From learning why you need a handbook, to deciding what to include and how to maintain one, this guide is the first stop for the handbook novice.


How Does Your Handbook Compare to Other Organizations'?

Compare your handbook with those of other organizations with this Employee Handbook Survey Report.


Complete Your 2015 Handbook Updates

Easily make your 2015 updates with this how to that walks you step-by-step through the updating process.


Listen to the HR Experts for Extra Guidance

The employment law experts at Littler Mendelson lead this webinar on 2015 handbook updates.

Save countless hour drafting and updating your handbook with XpertHR's 50-state Employee Handbook Tool offering the most comprehensive set of customizable policy statements from the federal down to the municipal level.

Why not see XpertHR's Handbook Tool for yourself?