XpertHR Contributing Author Resource Center

As a contributing member of XpertHR's elite author team, your involvement with our revolutionary new product can be utilized in your firm's or organization's marketing efforts to highlight and reinforce your expertise, and enhance your value to clients and prospects.

The resources and suggestions on this page have been developed to support you with these promotional activities and provide guidance on how to use the XpertHR brand.

Should you have any questions about any of the information or resources available here, please contact your editor or email authors@xperthr.com.

Promotional Opportunities

There are a range of ways that you can promote your involvement with XpertHR to your clients, peers and industry media. You may want to consider any or all of the following activities:

Your Website

Your website is an important vehicle to promote your involvement with XpertHR and will assist in reinforcing your expertise and value to new and existing clients. We have developed the following resources to help:

  • Draft copy to place on your website
  • A graphic badge to easily identify you as an XpertHR contributing author or author firm, and act as a link to the XpertHR website.


Press Release

Preparing a press release regarding your involvement to send to media outlets and adding to your firm or organization website can enhance the value of your brand. We have drafted a press release which you can use and modify to suit your needs.

Author Biographies and Logos

Promoting your involvement with XpertHR is a good way to enhance your credentials and raise your profile within the industry. We have drafted biography statements for use in the following situations:

  • Your LinkedIn profile;
  • Your profile on your firm's website;
  • Your blog;
  • Speakers' profiles for events and conferences; and
  • Authors' biographies, should you write for other publications.

Should you wish to have your firm or organization's logo placed alongside your biography on the XpertHR website, please contact your editor or email authors@xperthr.com.

Firm Newsletter

You may wish to include a short story about your involvement with XpertHR. The draft press release and/or draft copy provided in the Author Biographies resource would be suitable for this purpose.

In all electronic media, we encourage you to link to www.xperthr.com wherever possible.

Toolkit: Promotional Opportunities

XpertHR Brand Guidelines


Template Press Release


Template Biography Copy


Template Website Copy


XpertHR Author Badge

Download: zip file

Contributor's Spotlight

B. Patrice Clair is a senior associate at FordHarrison LLP. Ms. Clair's practice encompasses all areas relating to the counseling, training and representation of management clients in federal and state courts, as well as before state and local agencies.
Meet B. Patrice Clair >

Customized (or Co-Branded) Marketing Material

We understand that every firm and organization is different, so our marketing team can work with you and your team to develop customized marketing collateral that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Should you be interested in any of the following options, please contact us at authors@xperthr.com.

Customized Four-Page Brochures

We can produce a four page brochure that outlines your and/or your firm's contribution to XpertHR, and additional comprehensive information regarding the product.

Events & Conferences

We can work with you to produce collateral tailored to any employment conferences, workshops and seminars that your firm or organization may be hosting or presenting at.

Customized PR Copy

We can assist you in preparing information to be sent to the media or for use in your own newsletters, emails or on your website.


We regularly interview our authors for podcasts and are always happy to receive expressions of interest from HR experts who wish to participate in these. If you have an area of specialty and would like to be involved, or have an idea for a future podcast, please email us at authors@xperthr.com and we will consider it.

If you have appeared in an XpertHR podcast, we will be happy to highlight your involvement wherever possible in our email and web communications prior to and following the event, and can also provide support in terms of press releases when requested.

An Award-Winning Team

Our team of editors, comprised of attorneys and SPHR-certified professionals, shapes legal content into our uniquely practical format. Coming from diverse backgrounds and lending expertise in a range of specialty areas, our editors cover every HR topic from recruitment to retirement.
Meet the team >

Awards for XpertHR
XpertHR is proud to have won the following prestigious awards:

  • 2013
    • APEX Awards for Publication Excellence 2013 Winner: New Website
    • Content Marketing Awards - CMA 2013
      Bronze Award for Best Overall Editorial for a Website
    • SIPAwards - SIPA 2013
      Best Newsletter - Business/Marketing
      Best New or Relaunched Website
  • 2012
    • APEX Awards for Publication Excellence 2012 Winner: New Website
    • Magnum Opus Awards 2012
      Gold Award for Best New Publication/Product
    • min's Editorial & Design Awards 2012
      Winner: Website Design, B2B
    • Web Marketing Association's WebAwards 2012 Winner: Standards of Excellence

Client Referral & Discount Program for Participating Firms

As a contributing member of XpertHR's elite author team, you are entitled to offer your clients a 20% subscription discount *.

Armed with XpertHR, when your clients face everyday employment challenges or policy changes, you can be confident that they have executed best-practices at all levels; thereby giving you a significant advantage in winning positive outcomes for them. Your firm or organization's name and author/attorney name(s) will be exposed to your clients in the product, reinforcing your expertise and value to them.

The process is simple:

  1. Contact your clients about your involvement with XpertHR using the template introductory letter or email provided on this page. This email includes an invitation to schedule a demonstration of the product and a unique promotional code. Please contact your XpertHR editor or email authors@xperthr.com to obtain the code.
  2. Your client contacts XpertHR to schedule a demonstration or free trial and quotes the promotional code.
  3. Your client receives a 20% discount upon purchase* of a subscription.

We also have included a one page brochure that you can customize with your logo and promotional code to send to clients or associates of the firm.

*The 20% subscription discount rate only applies to the customer's first 12-month subscription. Subsequent subscriptions will be charged at the full rate. This offer is only valid for new customers of XpertHR.

Toolkit: Client Referral & Discount Program for Participating Firms

Template Letter to Clients


Template Email to Clients


Discount Offer One Page Flier