Daniel O'Brien | Fisher Phillips

Daniel O'Brien

Daniel O'Brien is a partner with Fisher Phillips located in their Cleveland office.

He specializes in risk and claims management.

Mr. O'Brien's five major areas of concentration are in workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, alternative risk transfer methods, establishment of best practices claims management programs and the impact of workers' and unemployment costs in a merger or acquisition.

His career also includes being the CEO of a third party administrator.

Mr. O'Brien has more than 29 years of experience representing employers before the Industrial Commission of Ohio and the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

He has facilitated self-insured workers' compensation programs in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Mr. O'Brien's experience includes being the lead consultant on a two year study of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority in 1995 and 1996 leading to the establishment of a professional risk-management function.

He has conducted audits of national workers' compensation programs representing the insurance industry, employers, associations and venture capital groups. These audits have included overviews of claims management, reserving practices, settlement practices and litigation management.

Mr. O'Brien received his undergraduate degree from Albion College and obtained his JD from Case Western Reserve University.