Top 2018 Resolutions to Boost Employee Engagement

Every New Year, people around the world make resolutions to improve themselves in the upcoming year. Making resolutions is a good idea for employers, too! One area of improvement that always benefits an organization is employee engagement, since year after year, studies show that businesses with higher engagement also perform better.

One of the chief boosters for building a culture of engagement and performance is clear communication. Good communication fosters an understanding of expectations and provides feedback and recognition regarding performance goals. It also offers a channel for employees to provide feedback and ideas to improve an organization and even warn off potentially harmful behaviors.

Consider these four resolutions and utilize the resources below to help your organization improve communication and boost employee engagement and performance in 2018:

1. Help employees connect with the organization's mission and values
2. Promote transparency – establish a culture of trust
3. Give and accept more feedback – allow employees to offer opinions
4. Have the hard conversations – maintain a productive workplace

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