Employee Handbooks Dos and Don'ts

Discover the Dos and Don'ts of Creating and Implementing Employee Handbooks + INFOGRAPHIC

One of the most common workplace documents is an employee handbook, which can lay the foundation for a positive organizational culture, with clearly communicated expectations for company policies and procedures. Despite the fact that employee handbooks are so widespread, there is some measure of risk in releasing an employee handbook and having you commit yourself to workplace policies in writing. When executed properly, the benefits of having an employee handbook far outweigh the risks.

Download this Employee Handbooks 101 guide to discover the
dos and don'ts of creating and implementing a handbook

  • Why have an employee handbook
  • Risks to avoid in your employee handbook
  • How to determine what to include and what to avoid in your handbook
  • How to keep your handbook up to date
  • How to approach your handbook if you're a multistate employer

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Top Dos and Don'ts of
Employee Handbooks

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