2015 Survey Report of Employee Handbook Practices

Survey findings reveal paid sick leave as the top emerging issue addressed in employee handbooks

If you have an employee handbook, you are not alone. According to a recent XpertHR exclusive survey, over 90% of the respondents also have one. While the majority of employers surveyed have handbooks, however, how often these are updated, whether it is done with legal support, and whether it is created in-house—just to name a few considerations—varies.

Having a good employee handbook can save a lot of heartache. With frequently changing laws, a good handbook has to be frequently updated. Does your handbook keep up with ‘the Joneses’? How does yours compare to the more than 500 organizations XpertHR surveyed? Take a look at the survey report and learn...

  • How your employee handbook approach compares to your peers’
  • What the biggest challenges are when creating an employee handbook
  • What the hottest employee handbook trends are
  • How many employers have multiple handbooks for various groups and what types (such as one for salaried employees vs. hourly employees, etc.)

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