Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks

An easy and cost-effective way to create, update and maintain your employee handbook, customized to your compliance and business needs

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Our Employee Handbooks tool provides hundreds of customizable and easy-to-use policy statements for federal, 50 states and the District of Columbia, including key municipal coverage.

With continually emerging laws and changing workplace trends—not to mention multistate issues—ensuring that your handbook is comprehensive, up-to-date and legally compliant can seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be.


Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Prewritten core resources for your employee handbook saves you and your team valuable time

  • The review process with your legal professional will be more efficient and productive

  • Automatic notifications keep you on top of employment law developments to save you time researching whether your handbook is affected

Ensure compliance

  • Policy statements researched and prepared by the attorneys at one of the leading global employment law firms, Littler

  • National, state and select municipal developments covered in an easy-to-use structure to simplify a typically complex compliance task

  • Our customizable solutions for employee handbooks make their creation and maintenance as simple as possible

Communicate more effectively

  • Have access to a range of topic categories including: commitment to diversity, employee benefits, time off and leaves of absence

  • Quickly and easily update your handbook to ensure you remain compliant

  • Access to resources that can make your handbook more user friendly, written in a straightforward easy-to-understand tone


Authoritative Resources

Our handbook policy statements and accompanying guidance are authored by Littler, a leading global employment law firm. Founded over 70 years ago, Littler's labor law practice employs more than 1,000 attorneys in over 60 offices worldwide.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our Employee Handbooks tool features the most current and robust resources available, with hundreds of policy statements covering every state, as well as key policy statements for major municipalities such as New York City and San Francisco. We keep all resources under constant review to account for the latest trends and emerging developments.

Customizable Templates

We offer prewritten, downloadable handbook policy statements with sections marked for customization.

"When to Include"

The "When to Include" section of each policy statement provides useful guidance on the suitability of that policy statement in your handbook. Quickly see whether considerations such as an organization's number of employees or the definition of employee under the particular law affect the applicability to your organization.

Incomparable Employer Guidance

We offer clear and succinct guidance for every policy statement—including tips for, and risks and warnings around, enforcement and implementation—as well as information on the implications of current and future developments in the law.

Newsletter and Alerts

Stay current with developments and required handbook updates with our biweekly Editor's Choice newsletter and customizable compliance alerts.

Three Simple Steps to Your Customized and Compliant Handbook

  1. Select your state(s)

    We provide you with a national employee handbook and state-specific supplements. Simply choose the state supplements you need from our comprehensive list.

  2. Pick your resources

    The national employee handbook and state supplements consist of individual policy statements arranged in a standard structure. Our handy "When to Include" guide enables you to quickly understand which policies are suitable for your organization.

  3. Edit custom fields

    Each of the prewritten, downloadable handbook policy statements has customizable sections. Simply type your own details into these portions—for example, your company name or contact information—as you build your handbook.

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