HR Hotline Terms and Conditions

XpertHR provides practical human resources information and guidance based upon information available in our products. XpertHR services are not intended to be a substitute for professional legal or other advice. The XpertHR Hotline service is designed to provide general information to human resources and/or business professionals regarding common HR situations in connection with and in order to support use of XpertHR products. Given the changing nature of federal, state and local legislation and the changing nature of court decisions, XpertHR and its third-party service providers cannot, and will not, guarantee that the information or responses are completely current or accurate. XpertHR services do not include or constitute legal, business, international, regulatory, insurance, tax or financial advice. Calls to the HR Hotline may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Use of the XpertHR Hotline, whether by phone, email or via the website, is subject to the terms and conditions between your organization and XpertHR.