HR Transformation Toolkit

HR Transformation Toolkit

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Our HR Toolkit provides all the practical tools you need at your fingertips so you can focus on people-work, not paper work

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A comprehensive suite of thousands of easy-to-use policy and employee handbook templates, how-to guides, authoritative legal guidance (in plain English) and much more are just a click away. Our resources are organized to fit the way you work—whether you need content for a specific state, topic or task.

Our online resource is backed up by a team of HRCI- and SHRM-certified HR professionals who are ready to answer your questions and provide you with real-time guidance via our XpertHR Hotline.

This way you and your team can spend less time searching for answers and more time getting results.


Employment Law

Our in-depth manuals, guides and practical examples keep you up to date with relevant changes to employment law and key cases from state and federal courts. Using plain English and tailoring our content specifically to HR, we show you how to apply our solutions to your workplace and its unique employment scenarios.

General HR and Employment Law Reference

Access quick reference summaries and 50-state charts of existing, upcoming and recently implemented legislation, including effective dates. You can also find and compare key employment facts by state on issues such as paid sick leave, minimum wage rates, overtime variations and limitations on credit checks.

Benchmarking and Survey Analysis

We provide HR and employer survey results and interpretations, on topics ranging from annual HR trends to pay budget, for organizational benchmarking. These resources enable you to understand how you compare with employers in your industry and to benchmark your current processes and policies.

Best Practice and How To Guides

Get practical step-by-step guides on how to manage workplace situations, from everyday issues to the unusual crises. We also provide straightforward advice on best practices in HR and people management, with case studies and insights into the policies and practices used by high-performing organizations.

Customizable Templates

Download model policies, job description templates, posters, notices, sample letters, checklists and forms to help you create, distribute and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organization. Our resources include customizable templates complete with tips, warnings, supporting resources and guidance, including potential implications of pending legislation, to help avoid legal pitfalls.

Supervisor Training

Train your supervisors and managers with our clear and simply written briefings, designed to ensure supervisors have the information they need to comply with employment law and best practice. Our briefing provide overviews of key compliance topics available in customizable PowerPoint presentations with quizzes ensure the training has been understood.

HR News and Alerts

We alert you to the latest HR and employment news, legal developments and other considerations that may require substantive changes to your policies. We also provide updates on the latest additions to our resources. And you can customize delivery of newsletters and alerts to focus on the topics that matter most to you.

HR Hotline

Have your HR questions answered by a live advisor, avoiding costly research time and legal fees. Our team of HRCI- and SHRM-certified professionals are available when you need them to point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion and coach you through complex issues.


Our international guides help you navigate the challenges of being a global employer so that you can work just as effectively in Mexico as in China, Australia or Canada.


Increase Efficiency and Productivity

We provide all the practical tools you need so you can focus on people-work, not paperwork.

  • State topic pages assist in tracking state-specific legal developments and best practices

  • Resources are grouped by the task you're working on, the topic you're concerned about or the tool you need—so you can find answers to your questions quickly

  • Advanced search function filters results by state, topic, date added or resource type

Ensure Consistency and Compliance

Whether you are undergoing wide-scale organizational change or just looking to keep your policies up to date, our Toolkit has you covered.

  • Comprehensive one-stop shop

  • 50-state, District of Columbia and select municipal coverage

  • Written by more than 400 attorneys from 70 of the country's top employment law firms

Upskill Your Team and Organization's Management

We help HR professionals stay up-to-date across a wide range of employment topics and we're committed to helping your organization's supervisors effectively take on people-management tasks.

  • How-to guides and best-practice guides, backed by explanations of the law, empower your team to be confident in their policy and compliance decisions

  • Employment law manual, reports and insights keep your team on top of new developments

  • Supervisor briefings in ready-to-use templates explain the law and best practices in an easy-to-understand style

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