Rhonda Leabo

Rhonda Leabo

Rhonda Leabo is a freelance legal writer from the San Francisco Bay area.

After receiving her law degree from Ventura College of Law, Ms. Leabo worked in the legal profession for many years.

With more than 20 years of legal and writing experience, combined with a strong understanding of connecting with her audience, she is able to convey legal principles in a way that her audience can understand and practically apply them in their own business.

Ms. Leabo has written for numerous clients in the field of employment law, including various newspapers and internet legal sites across the country.

She currently writes for clients that include Stephen Bilkis and Associates, Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing, Docstoc, Findlegal Forms, Balita, and EmployersCenter.com concerning privacy issues, employment law, employer compliance with state and federal regulations, and business management concerns.