Risk Assessment Tools


Identify your liability risk quickly and reduce it with expert accuracy

  • ComplianceHR's Navigator Suite™, brought to you by XpertHR, offers businesses a more streamlined yet authoritative solution for complex compliance decisions. Combining the unparalleled experience and knowledge of global employment law firm Littler with the power of Neota Logic, the Navigator Suite employs cutting-edge technology and premier legal expertise to enable significant risk mitigation and management.

    Whether used to launch an entirely new compliance program or to support, power and validate your existing compliance processes, these sophisticated interactive risk assessment tools increase the speed, confidence and accuracy of answering complex compliance issues and provide companies a leg up in making decisions quickly, reducing legal risk and managing talent effectively.

Navigator IC™

Engaging an independent contractor that the US Department of Labor (DOL) or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would consider a misclassified employee can be a costly mistake, triggering liability for unpaid employment taxes, employee benefit obligations and more.

Navigator IC™ will give your team the confidence it needs to identify and reduce the risk of misclassification in a fraction of traditional time and cost.

What is Navigator IC™?

  • Navigator IC™ is an easy-to-use decision-support tool which instantly produces detailed documentation in plain language ready for review by your company. A virtual Q&A session gathers the necessary information for each individual contractor engagement resulting in a custom contract-specific report analyzing risk regarding the contractor's role. Concise, yet comprehensive, Navigator IC™'s final reports provide clear and actionable information every time.

How does Navigator IC™ work?

  • number one

    Simply complete an easy-to-use online questionnaire about the particular independent contractor engagement.

  • number two

    Under the hood, the system uses decision trees, weighted factor analysis, and other logic designed by Littler attorneys based on an in-depth analysis of current statutes, regulations and case law of over 1,500 reported cases in all US jurisdictions. The underlying logic is regularly updated based on statutory and court case developments.

  • number three

    The tool then generates a detailed risk assessment report that summarizes: the levels of potential compliance risk under both federal and individual state laws; the factors driving that risk; suggestions for reducing risks; and summaries of applicable federal and state laws.

  • number four

    The results of each independent contractor assessment are saved to create an archived audit trail, which can form the basis of a good-faith defense in subsequent litigation or agency investigations.

Navigator OT™

Exempt or nonexempt?

Single-plaintiff and collective actions under the FLSA continue to dominate the litigation agenda of the plaintiff's bar and state and local enforcement agencies are never far behind. The risks involved in ensuring your company chooses correctly remain high. Navigator OT™ ensures your team is able to quickly and confidently assess the risk of employee classification under relevant federal and state law.

What is Navigator OT™?

  • Navigator OT™ is a first-of-its-kind online intelligent solution that delivers expert-level guidance in real time. Navigator OT™ combines the world-class expertise of Littler and, specifically, former DOL Wage and Hour Administrator Tammy McCutchen with the revolutionary expert system of Neota Logic.

How does Navigator OT™ work?

  • number one

    Users complete an easy-to-use online questionnaire about the job role and duties of the particular employee or position. Navigator OT™ then applies all applicable federal and state tests and analysis of over 1,800 reported court decisions and DOL opinion letters for an authoritative assessment of proper classification specific to the employee.

  • number two

    The result is a clear, actionable risk assessment, identifying the strength of each applicable exemption and providing expertly reasoned suggestions on how to lower the risk of misclassification.

  • number three

    A summary of the federal and state exemption standards and a transcript of answers to the online questionnaire are also included.

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