Shannon C. Johnson

Shannon C. Johnson

Shannon C. Johnson is an alumnus of Mercer University School of Law in Macon, GA.

Ms. Johnson background in employment law began while she spent a summer internship with the EEOC.

She opened the law firm, the Law Office of Shannon C. Johnson, LLC, and during her six years of practice in Atlanta represented clients in civil litigation, criminal law, domestic law, small business and real estate transactions.

Ms. Johnson left the practice of law to begin a career in academia and as a writer.

She taught legal research and writing at Florida A&M Law School and has taught Music Business Law and Advanced Entertainment Law at the graduate school level.

Ms. Johnson started a freelance writing company in 2010.

She has written instructional content for an HR training company, is the author of The A-Z Guide to Federal Employment Laws for the Business Owner, and served as the legal editor for Tomi Entertainment Magazine.

In addition, Ms. Johnson conducts legal research and brief writing for various law firms, writes web content and copy for various legal websites and writes non-legal articles for a variety of magazines and websites.