The Top 15 Most Challenging HR Compliance Issues for 2018

Are You Prepared for the Top HR Challenges in 2018?

Each new year brings changes in the workplace, government, society, culture, technology and the legal landscape that translate into challenges and obstacles for employers.

XpertHR conducted a survey in October 2017 and received input from HR professionals on their view of the most significant compliance challenges in 2018. With over 1000 responses from small, medium and large employers across a wide variety of industries in all geographic areas of the country, the responses guided us as we compiled the top employment law trends and challenges of 2018.

PREVIEW: Here are some of the top challenges for 2018:

  1. Republican Administration and Federal Issues
  2. State and Municipal Issues
  3. Workplace Planning Amid an Evolving Workforce
  4. Cyberbreach / Data Security
  5. Recruiting

Download our whitepaper now to view the rest of the 15 most challenging HR compliance issues and top employment law trends of 2018 as well as tips and strategies on how to respond to and prepare for these new challenges.

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