10 Most Common HR Dilemmas Franchises Face

Top 10 employment challenges faced by franchises and how to address them

Being part of a franchise offers its own set of problems. On the one hand, you are a small business owner trying to keep afloat, perhaps without any HR function. You might be trying to figure out how to be compliant and follow all the employment laws that apply to you, and you sometimes do not have the support you really need. On the other hand, people often think you are backed by the big name franchise you are part of. Since the big name franchise has money, you must have money. Those deep pockets sometimes make you the target of lawsuits. What are you going to do?

XpertHR has a free whitepaper designed specifically for you. This whitepaper walks you through 10 of the biggest employment concerns you are likely going to face, or are already facing, on a regular base, and provides you with practical tips on how to address them. From minimum wage and employee leaves, to joint employer liability and workplace safety, and more, you are going to need a little help along the way, and that's where we come in—to lend a helping hand.

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