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Performance Appraisals: Provide Feedback Employees Need (and Want)

Wednesday, October 20 at 2PM ET

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Performance reviews are a critical element of a performance management system, but a recent XpertHR survey found that less than half of HR professionals think that their performance appraisal systems are effective. Worse, poorly executed performance reviews can do more harm than good by demotivating employees and even causing some to leave the organization.

In this 60-minute webinar, Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR, will explore why many performance appraisal systems fail at achieving their primary purpose - helping employees improve. He will discuss the key elements of an effective performance appraisal system and what HR can do to help managers provide the kind of reviews that can help employees improve in their role, along with what to keep in mind in the post-COVID world of hybrid and remote work.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why increasing performance feedback can help motivate employee performance;
  • Key elements to providing the kind of feedback that helps employees to develop;
  • What managers need to know and be trained on to conduct effective performance reviews;
  • How to adapt the performance review process for hybrid and remote workers;
  • And more.

Webinar speaker

Joey V. Price

Joey V. Price is the Founder and CEO of Jumpstart:HR. The company offers HR outsourcing and consulting for startups and small businesses. Joey also hosts the "Business, Life, and Coffee" podcast, with personal development and success tips for entrepreneurs.

A seasoned HR professional with hands-on experience in multiple organizations, Joey advocates for businesses to "translate their goal into high ROI through happily engaged staff members." He also serves on the Advisory Board for the HR Department at the Forbes School of Business and Technology and the Ethics in AI Board at Arena Analytics.