Webinar: using people analytics to drive retention success

Achieving an optimum level of labour turnover is fundamental to maintaining organisational performance, but employers can struggle to retain key staff.

In a 60-minute webinar titled Using people analytics to drive retention success, people analytics expert Sjoerd van den Heuvel will demonstrate how organisations are harnessing the power of people analytics to manage retention.

Khurram Shamsee from DAC Beachcroft will also join us to discuss the legal implications of using employee data for such projects.

The webinar covers:
• the use of people data to monitor changes in workforce composition;
• using this information to pinpoint retention issues within the organisation;
• practical examples of transforming organisational performance by using people analytics to resolve retention problems; and
• the data protection implications of people analytics activities, including the legal bases for processing data.

We will also demonstrate XpertHR’s new product concept, which uses people analytics to support the reduction of unwanted turnover, optimise people management and drive business performance.

The webinar includes a Q&A session. Register now to submit your questions to the speakers.