Workforce analytics skills essential to get ahead in HR

Workforce analytics skills are a key development area for UK HR professionals who want to progress their HR career, new XpertHR research finds.

HR professionals taking part in XpertHR’s survey of HR careers identified the skills, knowledge and experience they would like to develop to progress in their HR career.

Workforce analytics skills development is high on the HR agenda

Workforce analytics skills place highly as a future development area, cited by more than one-third (37.5%) of respondents, and beaten only by organisational development (42.6%) and business acumen/awareness (41%). A breakdown by broad industry sector finds that workforce analytics skills rise to the top of the agenda for public-sector HR professionals.

At present only one-quarter (23.2%) of HR professionals say that workforce analytics skills are required for their current role. Analysis by gender finds that male HR professionals are significantly more likely than their female counterparts to cite workforce analytics as a requirement for their current role.

‘Data-driven decision making will be the future’

With data becoming increasingly critical to the HR profession, workforce analytics capabilities are likely to be a prerequisite for HR career success in the coming years.

“HR today requires very different skills to those of an HR manager 20 years ago”, one private sector respondent comments. “Data-driven decision making will be the future. Ensure you have good HRIS skills and the ability to interpret data and understand the limitations of the data you are working with.”

Earlier this year, XpertHR’s 2017 survey of HR roles and responsibilities identified HR analytics as a key priority area for the profession.