Get up to speed with people analytics

Need to get up to speed with people analytics? People analytics and its implications for HR will be explored in depth at the Tucana People Analytics Forum in London on 29 and 30 November 2017.

Over two days, the conference offers sessions for HR professionals at each stage of the people analytics journey, including how to:

  • get started and get up to speed with people analytics;
  • create a data culture in HR; and
  • communicate the value of people analytics to the business.
The future of people analytics in focus

The conference also includes sessions looking ahead to the future of people analytics. Delegates will be able to learn about how people analytics is shaping the future of work, and the potential impact of Brexit, automation and artificial intelligence on HR and people analytics activities.

The conference is chaired by David Green of IBM, who earlier this year provided a useful working definition of people analytics and the value that it can bring to organisations:

“The use of data and analytics tools to identify insights on people that enable faster, more accurate and more confident business decision-making. It’s all about making better business decisions.”

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People analytics webinar

  • Webinar: is staff turnover harming your business?  XpertHR’s new on-demand people analytics webinar will help you to: analyse data to pinpoint retention issues in your organisation; see practical examples of how people analytics has transformed businesses; and learn what you need to know about data protection and your legal responsibilities.