People Analytics World: HR in the people analytics era

The potential impact of people analytics on HR – and how HR can reap the benefits – will be explored in depth at the upcoming Tucana People Analytics World conference in London on 11 and 12 April 2018 (#PAWorld18). We have been able to secure a 20% discount for our customers. Register today, and quote “XPHR20” to save 20% on tickets.

People analytics should be high on the agenda of all forward-looking HR departments, Tucana says:

No longer the preserve of a handful of technology leaders, people analytics is now becoming an essential requirement for HR across all industries. Business leaders are demanding that HR rethinks how it makes decisions, reskills for the age of data, and retools in order to provide the descriptive and predictive insight to maintain a competitive edge.
– Tucana

Over two days, the conference focuses on three key themes:

• planning for long-term success and growth via people analytics;
• moving ahead in people analytics; and
• identifying game-changing ideas and technology for the future of people analytics.

The conference programme includes more than 40 sessions for HR professionals at each stage of the people analytics journey, including how to:

• use people analytics in retention, productivity and diversity initiatives;
• create a data culture in HR; and
• frame and focus people analytics projects for maximum commercial value and turn HR into a revenue centre.

David Green of IBM will chair the Tucana People Analytics World conference. Green recently provided an overview of people analytics for HR in 2018:

It is an exciting time to work in the people analytics space. As the perfect storm of technology, rising employee expectations and digitisation converge, so the opportunities (and challenges) facing people analytics teams become more substantial.
– David Green, IBM

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