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Business Casual Attire Policy

Author: Jason Habinsky, Haynes & Boone

When to Use

A Business Casual Attire Policy is appropriate for an office environment in which employees must project a professional image at work, but do not need to wear formal attire at all times. It is intended to allow greater flexibility and comfort to employees at work. To avoid any confusion, the employer should have a written and published policy as to what constitutes business attire so that employees do not have any trouble interpreting what to wear.

The policy should be communicated to all employees at the commencement of employment and should be used as a reference whenever there is a question regarding what constitutes appropriate business casual attire. A copy of the Business Casual Attire Policy should be provided to all employees and posted in visible locations around the office so that employees see regular reminders of what is, and is not, appropriate attire for the business casual workplace.