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Camera Policy

Author: Jessica Sussman

When to Use

In the present day, as cameras are more ubiquitous than ever and found on almost every cell phone and tablet, an employer may be increasingly concerned that photographs taken in the workplace violate the privacy of the employer and its employees. Unrestricted camera use presents various issues for an employer and may lead to invasion of privacy claims as well as to the intentional or inadvertent exposure of an employer's confidential information and trade secrets, whether in the form of documents, equipment, processes or employees.

While it is impossible and potentially unlawful for an employer to ban cameras in the workplace outright, it is important for an employer to advise employees as to the permitted use and take steps to protect the privacy of employees, customers, clients and patients, as well as safeguard its legitimate business interest in confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets.

Regardless of the work environment, it may be wise for an employee handbook to contain a policy regarding the use of cameras in the workplace.