District of Columbia Notice of Hire

Entity Mandating Notice: District of Columbia Department of Employment Services.

Applicability: All District of Columbia employers other than temporary staffing firms.

Obtaining This Notice: An employer may download this notice directly from the Department of Employment Services' website.

Distribution Specifications: An employer may use this notice template or create its own form with the information required under the District of Columbia's Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act to all employees hired as of February 26, 2015 and to employees hired prior to February 26, 2015 no later than May 27, 2015. If the notice is translated in a second language that is known by the employer to be the employee's primary language or that the employee requests, the employer must also provide the written notice to the employee in that second language. The notice is currently available in English and Spanish. Temporary staffing firms have their own notice requirements.

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