Minneapolis, Minnesota, Labor and Employment Rights Notice

Entity Mandating Poster: City of Minneapolis Labor Standards Enforcement Division.

Applicability: All employers with employees who work within Minneapolis city limits and who are covered under the Minneapolis Minimum Wage and/or Sick and Safe Time Ordinances.

Distribution Specifications: If an employer provides an employee handbook, then the employer must include a copy of the workplace poster or other notice of employees rights and remedies available under the Sick and Safe Time Ordinance.

Where to Post: This notice must be posted in a conspicuous manner, in a place accessible to employees, where employees can easily read it. The poster may be printed on 8 ½" x 11" letter size paper.

Obtaining This Poster: An employer may download this poster directly from the City of Minneapolis Labor Standards Enforcement Division website. The poster must be displayed in English and in each of the primary language(s) spoken by five percent or more of employees in a particular workplace, if published by the Division. The poster fulfills the posting requirements of both the Sick and Safe Time and Municipal Minimum Wage Ordinances.

Additional Resources

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