Nebraska Discrimination in Employment, Housing, Public Accommodations Is Prohibited by State Law Poster

Entity Mandating Poster: Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission.

Applicability: Every employer covered by laws enforced by the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission, including the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act, Equal Pay Act of Nebraska, Nebraska Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or the Nebraska Civil Rights Act of 1969 (equal enjoyment of public accommodations).

Where to Post: This notice must be posted in conspicuous, well-lit places, e.g., hiring offices, employee bulletin boards, employment agency waiting rooms, and union halls that are frequented by employees, job seekers or applicants for union membership.

Distribution Specifications: Firms and organizations that have more than one such office, plant or posting place, should download extra copies of this notice.

Obtaining This Poster: An employer may download this poster directly from the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission website, including a Spanish version.

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