Portland, Oregon Notice of Rescission of Conditional Offer of Employment Letter

Entity Mandating Notice: City of Portland, Office of the City Attorney.

Applicability: An employer with six or more employees who perform a majority of their work in the city is covered by the notice provisions of the Removing Barriers to Employment Ordinance.

Distribution Specifications: If an employer is seeking to withdraw a conditional employment offer due to an applicant's criminal history, prior to withdrawing the offer, an employer must:

  • Provide notice of its decision in writing; and
  • Identify:
    • The specific item of the applicant's criminal history on which the rescission is based; and
    • The source of the criminal history.

An employer may use the city's model letter to notify an applicant of the rescission of a conditional employment offer.

Obtaining This Notice: An employer may download this model letter directly from the Portland, Oregon Office of the City Attorney's website.